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What is a Living Donor Liver Transplant?

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What is it? 

Living Donor Liver Transplant

A living-donor liver transplant is a medical procedure where a healthy individual donates a portion of their liver to someone whose liver is no longer functioning properly.

Following the surgery, the remaining liver in the donor regenerates and returns to its original size, volume, and capacity within a few months. Simultaneously, the transplanted liver segment in the recipient grows and reestablishes normal liver functionality.


Did you know that the number of people waiting for a liver transplant greatly exceeds the number of available livers from deceased donors?  

A living-donor liver transplant offers an alternative to waiting for a deceased-donor liver! It allows the recipient to avoid possible health complications while waiting for a transplant, as people with a living-donor liver transplant seem to have fewer medical problems after the procedure than those who receive a liver from a deceased donor. 

Did you know that a liver from a living donor also has a longer survival rate?