Liver Hero Fund

The Liver Hero Fund was established to raise funds to support three important initiatives:

Local Research
AbdelsamedCLA is excited to announce that Dr. Hossam Abdelsamed with the Starzl Transplant Institute is the recipient of the 2021 Research Grant Award for his submission of “Epigenetic Programming in Liver Transplant Patients: A Novel tool to discover non-invasive biomarkers and understand liver tolerance mechanisms”. Hossam A. Abdelsamed, Ph.D is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute.
Over the last 4 years, the CLA has invested $100,000 in research grants to support local scientists and their projects. This is a one-year award of $25,000.

Patient Assistance Fund
Any medical diagnosis can impact an individual’s financial status and therefore determine the type of treatment they are able to receive. Oftentimes, individuals paying health care costs struggle to afford basic life necessities. CLA consistently fosters collaborative relationships among community clinics, support groups and social service agencies to provide assistance to liver patients in need.

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Camp Chihopi Youth Transplant Camp
Camp Chihopi is near and dear to our hearts and allows children who have experienced transplantation to just be kids for a week! Camp Chihopi provides a non-medical environment where Youth Campers can increase self-esteem and interact with children who have similar medical backgrounds. The camp aims to help children continue to adapt to their chronic condition as a transplant recipient as they mature into young adults.