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The Community Liver Alliance announces its 3rd annual DeLIVERing Hope awareness campaign. The DeLIVERing Hope Campaign is dedicated to raising awareness, extending support, and championing health equity for individuals affected by liver diseases. Through our collective efforts, we aspire to ensure that every individual, irrespective of background or socioeconomic status, enjoys access to the resources and support necessary for a healthy life.

DeLIVERing Hope also provides an opportunity for the public to receive a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers for their donation towards our mission. All donations will support the mission of the Community Liver Alliance to brighten the future of the liver community through disease awareness, education, advocacy, and research.

We believe spreading hope should be accessible to all. That’s why we’re offering bunches of 5 vibrant sunflowers for just $20! Whether you’re treating yourself or gifting a little sunshine to someone special, ordering is easy and affordable.

Invite others to buy a bunch, too! We’ve included tips to spread the seeds of hope to your community!

Give voice to the liver disease community

When you support the DeLIVERing Hope campaign, you ’ll be helping the Community Liver Alliance fulfill its mission of giving a voice to millions of people in the liver community. Every bunch of sunflowers purchased allows us to continue raising awareness, supporting patients and investing in cutting edge research.

Offer hope to those that need it most

Liver diseases disproportionately impact marginalized communities, exacerbating existing health disparities and posing economic challenges. By pooling our resources, expertise, and passion, we possess the capacity to confront these issues head-on and catalyze genuine transformation.

Make a difference in the health of your community

There are more than 100 different liver diseases affecting millions of people around the world. Many of these patients, along with their family members and healthcare providers, are in your community. The DeLIVERing Hope campaign is the prelude of our work to deliver our upcoming “Addressing Disparities in Liver Diseases Conference ”, which will enable us to identify strategies to impact health equity.

It takes just 10 days to sell 110 bunches of sunflowers!

Here's how!

Day 1 – Order a bouquet for yourself and a bouquet for 4 friends = 5 bunches

Day 2 – Ask your favorite neighbors! (5 bunches) = 10 bunches

Day 3 – Share with your co-workers (email your team!) (15 bunches) = 25 bunches

Day 4 – Ask 5 friends (2 bunches each = 10) = 35 bunches

Day 5 – Ask 4 family members (2 bunches each = 8) = 43 bunches

Day 6 – Ask the people you know from your networking groups and professional organizations. (25 bunches) = 68 bunches

Day 7 – Ask your spouse / partner / best friend to share the link at their workplace. (10 bunches) = 78 bunches

Day 8 – Ask your doctor, dentist, attorney, accountant, etc. to buy flowers for their office staff (10 bunches) = 88 bunches

Day 9 – Stop by your coffee shops and restaurants and ask if they will buy flowers for display or fortheir customers/employees. (12 bunches) = 100 bunches

Day 10 – Stop by your stores, hair salon, nail salon, dry cleaner, etc. and ask if they will buy flowers for display or for their customers/employees. (10 bunches) = 110 bunches