Corporate Leadership Congress

The CLA Corporate Leadership Congress framework facilitates coalition building and funding partnerships that will support patients with liver disease, their caregivers, the medical community, and other key stakeholders. We believe input and resources, as well as funding, from our partners is crucial to building the most robust and successful programs.

Those invited to join our Corporate Leadership Congress help us develop strategy around education and outreach programs, advocacy, and research which is led by our Clinical Advisory Council.

The CLA brings together the broader healthcare community including physicians, surgeons, advanced practice providers, nurses, transplant coordinators, researchers and other allied health professionals which represents leading medical institutions and transplant centers to lead our mission delivery to the global medical community. Our Corporate Leadership Congress is built of experts from industry including pharmaceutical, biotech, device companies, health and wellness, rehabilitation, and other innovators interested in and able to advance the CLA mission.

Annual dues secure membership, input and benefits; and are executed over 12 months, beginning at the start of the agreement. Working together with our clinical experts, industry partners and patient community allows the CLA to provide meaningful and innovative support to the wider liver community.

For more information on a Corporate Congress Partnership, contact Michele Donovan at